The fact that CSOs produce information on social issues such as environment, human rights, gender equality, children and disability, develop policies, and socialize their strategies with model practices, has shown that companies are important decision makers in this regard as well as the state. Companies develop policies, make decisions, and cause social and environmental impacts with their practices in many areas from the environment to human rights. From this point of view, we think, research and produce together with the private sector on issues that affect or have the potential to affect the social and environmental field. We make the knowledge and experience produced by civil society visible for the private sector, and we work to contribute to bringing the concepts, gaps, needs, risks and opportunities to the agenda of the private sector.

Areas that we think, design and implement together

To design and implement researches to increase the impact of projects and programs that the private sector aims to carry out in the social and environmental area,

To bring the areas pointed out by the researches to the agenda of the private sector, to ensure the mobility of the financial resources, to design projects / programs together,

To bring the private sector together with relevant stakeholder groups for the projects and programs designed, to contribute to the development of cooperation with CSOs,

Monitoring-evaluation and social impact assessment studies of projects and programs carried out by the private sector

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