Representation of CSOs In National Media: Media Analysis

Under the scope of this research carried out within the frame of the “Strengthening Civil Dialogue” project carried out by the YADA Foundation and supported by the European Union, an analysis was conducted that will contribute to understanding how visible civil society organizations operating in Turkey are in the national media, how is the general appearance of civil society news, which activity and type of news stand out in terms of visibility, which civil society organization can be more involved in the national media according to the field of activity and category of civil topography and how the content is associated with the tones of CSOs and society. On the one hand, assessments were made on the status of Turkey in the context of the media and the visibility of CSOs through the eyes of civil society representatives, academics, and media experts. In this context, with a mixed model in which qualitative and quantitative methods are used together, the news made in the national print media during the 12-month period between July 1, 2019 and July 1, 2020 was examined at the first stage and at the second stage, preliminary findings were evaluated through in-depth interviews conducted with representatives of civil society and the media, experts from the private sector and academia.

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