Mapping Study: Multiculturalism in Turkey & France Living Together: Possible Together?

As YADA Foundation, we carry out studies to increase the impact capacity of civil society, and in this direction, we try to contribute to the strengthening of the dialogue between different actors of civil society. In the events we organize, we bring together many institutions that are quite different in terms of both their fields of work and their backgrounds and motivations, and we pursue negotiations and even collaborations between differences. In this context, we think that dialogue and cooperation between CSOs that work with, represent or represent identity and culture groups should be increased.

Through this motivation, within the scope of our project, “Enhancement of the multiculturalism approaches of CSOs in Turkey and EU” under the programme Civil Society Dialogue, which is supported by the European Union and adopted by the EU Presidency, we cooperated with the platform, AMSED (Migration Association, Solidarity and Exchanges for Application Platform) from France and written out the report “Multiculturalism in Turkey and France/ Living together: Possible Together?”



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