Aging Envisagement and Practices in Turkey Research

YADA conducted a Turkey representative research called “Aging Envisagement and Practices in Turkey”with the support of AvivaSA and collaboration of Doç. Dr. Özgür Arun as the academic supervisor, in the last quarter of 2018. It was aimed to reveal the perception of aging in the eye of older people and middle-aged population  with questions such as how the aging is described, and how it is envisioned, and to identify the factual situation by focusing on issues such as older age experiences, plans, investments, potentials and daily life experiences. A Turkey representative research conducted for the first time in this context. The research was conducted in 12 provinces, include a survey with a total of 2,400 people, half of whom were 35-64 years of age, half of whom were 65 and over, and in-depth interviews with 60 people. In-depth interviews were analyzed with the Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping method, on the one hand, it was possible to deeply understand the perception qualitatively, on the other hand, to picture the results quantitatively. With this method, it has been revealed what the perception and stereotypes about the older people and aging are, and how strong they are, their resources, what kind of dynamics they feed on. The most obvious findings that arised; Turkey is not prepared to aging, the negative perception of aging and the discrimination against older people. 


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